164 ft. Hatsune Miku – “Before After” (ビフォーアフター) English Subtitles

動画で比較!!劇的ビフォーアフターの『164 ft. Hatsune Miku – “Before After” (ビフォーアフター) English Subtitles』は、descentsubsさんが、2013-01-10 03:12:53に公開されたYoutube動画を参考に作成したページです。


☆タイトル:164 ft. Hatsune Miku – “Before After” (ビフォーアフター) English Subtitles


☆公開日:2013-01-10 03:12:53



This is a wonderful 164 song that I’ve really taken a liking to. My friend had mentioned that it lacked a translation on Youtube many months ago and once I got around to listening I just fell in love. I’ve loved 164’s music since I first heard “shiningray” so many years ago, so I am glad to translate and share another song by him. This song appeared on his 3rd album, 「THEORY」 in early 2012. I will definitely have to look into it as he is one of my favorite producers from whom I do not yet own an album.

Full disclosure, “You, who goes forward” is a bit of a contraction to make it less wordy. It should be something like “You, who continues from the point where you began walking” which makes sense if you look at the video and if you read it in Japanese, but feels inelegant in English, so we worked on a better-sounding reading there. The final line of the song is also a mouthful that is a bit confusing to put together in English cleanly. In case your stuck at the “concluded without ending part”, my interpretation is something like: “Our problems/issues would have been resolved without us breaking-up/growing apart”.

Original Video: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm15818643
Karaoke Upload: http://gije.sakura.ne.jp/upload/uploader.php

Mylist  mylist/3304983
Twitter @164203
Mylist mylist/23650800
Twitter @iximaxima
164’s HP→http://203soundworks.com/

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